Nerdy Lingerie to Wear for Valentine’s Day

Nerdy Lingerie to Wear for Valentine’s Day

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We all deserve to feel sexy on Valentine’s Day, even when your normal attire is old jeans, a Wolverine t-shirt and slightly-bent eyeglasses that your sister-in-law keeps telling you to get replaced. If your plan this heart-themed holiday is to get down to business with someone special, I have scoured the Internet in search of the perfect underclothes for your nerdy needs. Be warned, many of these links can be considered NSFW, so view at your own discretion.

Pinup Girl Clothing’s Geeky Goodies collection is a great place to start shopping for Valentine’s Day evening wear. My favorite piece of theirs is the DC Bombshells Batgirl Robe ($42), a sexy, yet comfortable option to show off your love of the female caped crusader. Now, you could go commando under that robe, but why not follow up its opening act with the Latex Bat Panty and Crop Top by Etsy retailer abigailgreydanus or the Batman Laceup Corset from Hot Topic? Complete the whole look with the DC Comics Batman Silhouette Tights and a pair of your favorite black shoes, and you’re ready to turn the bedroom into your own personal bat cave (hopefully minus the actual bats . . . unless you’re into that sort of ambience).

Etsy is always a solid place to look for genre-specific products, and Megan Elizabeth’s recovered fabric bras are no exception to that rule. Pair one with a Voluscious garter set and you’re a comic book come to life. If you’re looking for something that’ll help your bedroom roleplay, check out these corset tops from Hot Topic: there’s one for Captain America, Sailor Moon, Poison Ivy and one called “Green & Gold” (for all you Loki fans out there). There are accompanying tutus, if you’re so inclined to wear one, but these could easily be paired with a simple black panty and garter set with stockings.

There’s no one way to get down and nerdy on Valentine’s Day with your partner, so mix it up and don’t feel pressured into wearing something that makes you uncomfortable. Any clothes you buy should fit snugly but not tightly, and you should definitely be able to breathe (considering heavy breathing is generally a part of these goings-on). If you don’t have anyone to get dressed up for, dress up for yourself! Valentine’s Day is for everyone, so take the day to perform a little — ahem — self-care, if you want.