Brand Loyalty and Coupon Shopping


Are you loyal to certain brands? Think that means you can’t save money with coupons? Think again! This post will show you how you can keep your favorite brands and your great deals too!

Exploring New Favorites:

Coupon shopping has given me the opportunity to try out new products and shop outside my “comfort zone” a little bit, too. If I get a coupon for something I might not buy on a regular basis, I might use it to see if we like it. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t!

For example, I used to always buy Ragu pasta sauce. Why? Well, it’s my mom always bought, so I never really looked at other brands of sauce. Well, when I started coupon shopping, I got a coupons for Prego, Rinaldi, Bertolli, or Newman’s. Often the coupons made their sauce cheaper than Ragu, so I thought, why not try it? For the most part, I now think pasta sauce is pasta sauce. I have at least 4 different brands of pasta sauce in my stockpile right now, and no one at my house seems to notice or care which brand it is.

I also really no longer have brand loyalty for items such as soup, pasta, salsas, tooth brushes, toilet paper, paper towels, sometime tooth paste, razors, and shampoo/conditioner items. It’s all really same to me. You probably have a list of things you’re accumulating that you don’t seem to mind if it’s Charmin or Quilted Northern or Ronzoni or Creamette.

When it is Worth the Money:

There are of course items that I will stay loyal to my brands. It’s just a personal preference to me. I’m sure you have some too. My kids have sensitive skin, and I know that they don’t react to Tide or All laundry soap (as long as I buy the “free and clear” and high efficiency), so even if Wisk or Gain is on sale some place, I pass those coupons along to someone else. I also have a specific brand of deodorant, face wash, yogurts, and cereals that I prefer.

I also used not care what kind of paper products I bought. I bought whatever was the cheapest. Now that I’m a coupon shopper, I prefer to sometimes spend the extra money and buy the Scott or Bounty paper towels. They just work better especially when cleaning up after my kids!

I’ve noticed too that sometimes when you see a new product advertised on television or in a magazine, you often find a coupon for it too. The manufacturers must want us to try out their product, fall in love with it, and then continue to buy it even when we don’t have a coupon. Sometimes this works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t!

Bargain Buys

This week Walgreens has bargains on Lysol Wipes (my Wags was out of them by Monday afternoon!), South Beach Diet Bars, One a Day Vitamins, Bic Lighters, Cover Girl products, and Chapstick. Remember save even more at Walgreens when you roll your Register Rewards from week to week! Look at Target for bargains on Activia yogurt, Bic Pens, select Yoplait yogurt, Hershey Kisses, and Up and Up Disinfecting wipes. Remember too, if you don’t want to run from store to store, shop at Walmart and price match competitor ads. I’ve saved at least $30 in each of the past two weeks by doing this on everything from produce to soup!