Bloodcurdling Valentine’s Day Gifts that Haunt Us to this Day

Bloodcurdling Valentine’s Day Gifts that Haunt Us to this Day

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What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received? We recently took to social media and asked that exact question and got some pretty crazy answers from our followers. Here are a few examples:

@fatwallet A pair of birthstone earrings that wasn’t my birthstone!

— Dana Renae Cerrito (@auntdudu75) January 26, 2016

@fatwallet a golf lesson and I don’t play golf so he got to use it! #ValentinesDay #HowConvenient

— amie d (@amied027) January 27, 2016

. @fatwallet #ValentinesDay I received a dozen black roses with a note that just had the words “BYE” :o(

— ALLSWEATY (@allsweaty) January 27, 2016

@fatwallet a 5 dollar GC to McDonalds LOL #ValentinesDay

— Rita (@TommiesMommy14) January 26, 2016

This got us thinking — what are the worst Valentine’s gifts we’ve ever received? We thought we’d share some of our own Valentine’s Day horror stories that will send shivers down your spine. Be forewarned, dear reader, that these awful gift V-Day tales are not for the faint of heart. They will make you scream in terror at just how cheesy and cheap this holiday can be. So, if you’re feeling brave, please enjoy these tales of terror from the day of love.

Awful Valentine’s Day giftsJoe: In middle school they would sell carnations that you could send to people for Valentine’s Day at lunch. One year I received one of those carnations with a tag on it that just said my name and nothing in the from line. At first this mysterious carnation excited me. I wondered who might have sent it and why they chose to remain anonymous. For the next few days I waited for the identity of the anonymous sender to be revealed, and the more I waited, the more paranoid I became. I began to suspect everyone and everything of sending me that carnation and worried that I’d never find out who actually sent it. To make a long story short, I never found out, and it still haunts me to this day…okay, okay. Maybe it doesn’t haunt me so much as it mildly irks me. Nevertheless, my curiosity remains. So if you were the one who sent me that carnation, or you have any information on who might have sent it to me, could you please comment below and let me know? It would greatly relieve this tension I’ve been living with for years and I would be eternally grateful. Thanks so much.

Horrible Valentine’s Day GiftsAlicia: When I was 16, my boyfriend’s birthday was also Valentine’s Day. I decided it would be fun to get our friends together and throw him a surprise party, so I stole his phone and got his friend Jay’s number. We started planning his party and ended up becoming really great friends. On the night of the surprise party, my boyfriend was convinced that I had been talking to Jay too much and I must be cheating on him. I did my best to convince him to forget about it and head out to have a nice dinner but he flat out refused. I eventually had to spoil the whole thing and tell him we planned a surprise party — needless to say he felt terrible and the night was ruined. We didn’t stay together much longer but I did end up dating Jay for some time after that and we have remained great friends over the years. I still have a great picture of Jay and I at a spring formal right after this terrible debacle.

Horrible Valentine’s Day giftsMika: When I was in my twenties, I dated my best friend. You’d think that was a set up for the storybook relationship, except that it turns out my best friend doesn’t believe in romantic love or long-term relationships. Every Valentine’s Day, he’d give me a handmade card with a humorous message he’d penned himself, which was really cute and endearing in the early stages of our relationship. However, as the years went by (and my love for him grew), I started to realize none of those humorous messages expressed anything in the way of his feelings for me. Take the card pictured on the right. He wasn’t even going to include a card with the flowers, but the florist chastised him, so that’s what he came up with. As I was about to turn 30, I realized I couldn’t take another Valentine’s Day card made with construction paper and marker but nothing in the way of feelings or emotions from a man I’d grown to deeply love. Turns out, after all that time, he never grew to love me like I hoped he would. I ended it that year, opting for no gifts on Valentine’s Day over gifts that represented a painfully unrequited love.

Horrible Valentine’s Day giftsSam: I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s Day fan, but in high school, boyfriends took it quite seriously. Teddy bears that stood five feet tall, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that a football player would deliver with both arms wrapped around it. But the bouquets. These massive bouquets, most certainly purchased with dad’s credit card, would come pouring in. Cliche red roses, all of them. And I would roll my eyes as each one was delivered in class. (Side note: do you know what a pain in the ass it is to transport a massive vase home in your car, one finger gripping the edge to prevent water from slopping all over?) One year, my boyfriend at the time thought it would be cute to warn me in advance that he was getting me flowers. And a single gas station rose, in its sad cellophane wrapper, showed up on my desk. I tossed it in the trash can on my way out of school.

What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Valentine’s Day!