Beauty and the Budget: Frugal Moves to Make Now


Beauty on a budget is seemingly impossible. High end products are pushed and promoted, while cheaper products get kicked to the curb. Making frugal moves in your beauty routine will maximize product usage and help you get the most out of both affordable and luxury beauty products. Being beautiful shouldn’t cost a fortune!

Utilize Flash Sales Flash

Flash sales are an opportunity to purchase luxury beauty products at a severely discounted rate. There are dozens of services that provide a minimum of 50% off discounts for companies like Moroccan Oil, Folica, Mario Badescu, Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced, and others. Often times these flash sales provide popular products at a reduced price, or vouchers to use on the respective companies website. Instead of spending $100 on your typical products, you can slash that down to $30. Nothing is as satisfying as a deal on the most coveted beauty products.

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Let Products Multi-Task

The more a product can do for you, the better it is for your budget. Cheek creams are excellent for the lips and pairing complementary colors on cheeks and lips is flattering. When a product can serve multiple purposes, then you are already saving money. You can pink or skin toned eye shadows on cheeks as well. To stretch your make up budget even further, you can use many pigments on eyes, cheeks, lips, and nails! Pigments are multi-purpose as long as they are labeled as lip safe. BB Creams are a new trend hitting stateside because it’s a foundation like cream, moisturizer, and skin protector in one. Products like this are multi-tasking, affordable, and do a great job.

Don’t Skimp On Hair Products

Women make the mistake of using 3-in-1 shower products that claim to be a bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash. It sounds great in theory but the execution of using one product for three tasks falls a bit flat. Invest in your hair. Less expensive hair products are usually priced so low because of fillers like sulfates. They strip dye and leave your hair ravaged. Using products for your hair type and hair needs exclusively will keep your style, cut, and color, lasting longer than if you used cheaper and less efficient products.

Make Products Last Longer

On one hand you want your products to last a little longer. On the other you don’t want them to expire. Learn how often you use certain products and then work with your numbers. If you won’t finish a mascara before it expires in three months, purchase a small size or a cheaper brand. Shampoo your hair less, or use a smaller amount of product. Shampoo bars last longer than a typical liquid formula, if you want to make an environmentally friendly change. Apply moisture to your face before using creams, which spreads the product further so you use less.

If you follow these tips your wallet will thank you. Being frugal doesn’t mean sacrificing important products or looking great. You can deal hunt and save quite a bit on some of the most popular brands, if you can save on a splurge, then do it!