5 Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


valentinesdaydaThe New Year may have just arrived, but the shelves at major retail stores are already stocked with little red, pink, and white hearts—that’s right, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. But if this holiday makes you a little queasy because you don’t have hundreds of dollars to profess your love to your mate, there are still tons of frugal and romantic things you can do to woo. To get a head start and way your options for inexpensive Valentine’s Day date ideas this, continue reading below.

1. Home Dinner Date:

Making a delicious and romantic dinner for two at home is a great way to make Valentine’s Day special and affordable—not to mention it’s an excellent way to avoid all of the restaurant hustle and bustle. The key however is that you want to share the experience and make the meal together—it’s not fair if one does all the cooking while the other just kicks back and relaxes. So plan on making a meal that is actually fun to cook/assemble and can use an extra set of hands— think homemade pizzas and sushi rolls. If you’d like to make the experience more memorable (and healthier) you can always take a trip to the nearest farmers market together to pick up some fresh ingredients for your meal the morning of. Complete your meal with some candle light and romantic music.

*If cooking isn’t either of your strongest skill, you could always prepare a fondue. Kits for two are relatively cheap—depending if you want a cast iron or ceramic bowl—and all you have to do is buy the dipping sauces some ingredients to put on the skewers: bread, veggies, fruits, pretzels, marshmallows, or meats and voila!

2. Picnic At The Park:

If the weather permits, take your meal to go and have a picnic at the park. Or you can simply pack up a French baguette, some cheese, strawberries and wine and lay out on a blanket and canoodle with your honey for hours. Exchange love notes. Bring a deck of cards. Or bring a movie to watch on your iPad or tablet.

3. Home Spa Night:

Massages can run you $100 an hour at a nice spa, but if you do it at home, close to nothing. All you need to do is purchase some botanical oil, maybe some foot scrub, and take turns giving each other’s back-and-foot rubs. Make the atmosphere really tranquil by finding some nature sounds on YouTube and lighting some candles. You can even draw a bath and enjoy a glass of champagne to make it feel extra luxurious and wipe the oils clean. Buy each other soft robes to make it feel like the real thing too if you wish.

4. Ice Skating/Rolling Skating Rink:

It may sound juvenile, but going to the ice skating rink or roller skating rink can actually be a lot of fun and intimate—especially if one of you isn’t that great, there will a lot of hand holding. And it’s cheap! Don’t spend more than $15 for a pair of skates. If you’re ice skating, top it off with some hot chocolate. If roller skating, maybe a slice of pizza and some soda.

5. Movie Night:

Lastly, you can go to the nearby Redbox and rent some movies for a buck a piece. Try adding some extra special treats like chocolate covered gourmet popcorn or some gourmet hotdogs to make it a home-theater “experience.” Or if you would like to enjoy some “newer” movies go visit your nearest dollar theater and enjoy a double feature. If you can afford to spend a little more you could also consider going to the theater to watch a foreign flick—nothing is better at setting the mood than watching a film in Italian, Spanish or French.